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Problems with scars?
Experience the healing effect of silicone

What is a scar?

Most people do have a scar somewhere on their body. Scarring is the body’s natural reaction to deep skin damage, for instance after an operation or accident.

In places where the skin is damaged, the body initiates repair. In superficial wounds, a graze for instance, the skin will usually repair itself invisibly and without problems. But in deeper wounds, when the underlying dermis is also damaged, the healing process results in scar tissue. This newly formed scar tissue is less elastic and lacks some of the functions of healthy skin.


Problems caused by scars

No one is happy with a scar. In many cases they cause discomfort and are often unsightly. Scars may cause:

  • itching and pain
  • persistent redness of the skin
  • thick, pink ‘welts’ on the surface of the skin
  • a ‘tight’ feeling, as if the skin is being pulled
  • reduced mobility of the joints


Can something be done about scars?

Fortunately there are medical products like ALHYDRAN and BAP SCAR CARE, which stimulate and accelerate the skin’s repair process, rendering both old and new scars smoother, thinner and more flexible. Furthermore, they cause less discomfort, pain and itching. Timely treatment makes it possible to prevent unpleasant and disfiguring scars.

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