Binamed medical silver clothing

Binamed silver-coated clothing is made for those suffering from eczema and other chronic skin conditions. This silver clothing:

BAP-MedicalReduces the symptoms of eczema attacks, such as itching and rash

BAP-MedicalExtends the duration of eczema-free periods

BAP-MedicalProtects the skin against irritation from scratching, bacteria and rough, clammy clothing


Researchers at the Hohenstein Institute in Germany have researched the requirements for medical clothing that combats eczema. They identified the following, essential features:

BAP-MedicalPreventing harmful bacteria

BAP-MedicalBeing protective and skin-friendly

BAP-MedicalHaving good skin contact properties


Binamed medical silver clothing was developed on the basis of this research.  The clothing is made from 3 fibres which together meet these requirements.  These fibres have been interwoven using a special knitting technique, to create the best medical silver clothing for those who suffer from eczema.

As a result, Binamed holds two quality certificates from the Hohenstein Institute: for proven antibacterial and skin-friendly effects.

Binamed zilverpak

Binamed medical silver clothing takes away harmful bacteria, protects the skin and is skin-friendly.