Product information summary

Flexible wound dressing with super-absorbent gel in a honeycomb structure. For maximum absorption of wound fluid from moderate to heavily-exuding wounds. For reduced pain and stress when changing dressings.


Product informationFLEXIFOAM

BAPWOUNDCARE FLEXIFOAM is a new-generation, flexible wound dressing, specially developed for reduced pain and stress when changing dressings.

This wound dressing is soft and comfortable for the patient and forms itself to the natural curves of the body for optimal skin protection and healing.

The special honeycomb structure contains super-absorbent gel and enables the gel to absorb and retain wound fluid. It remains effective in pressure dressing applications. In short: optimum wound moisture control at all times.

The gel’s absorption characteristics also protect against wound maceration. And the water-repellent, breathable top layer provides an effective barrier which is impermeable to bacteria and protects the wound from external contamination.

BAPWOUNDCARE FLEXIFOAM can be applied across a broad spectrum of exuding wounds. And is highly suitable for vulnerable, sensitive skin.



BAP-MedicalTrauma wounds (cuts, abrasion wounds, minor burns)

BAP-MedicalUlcus cruris venosum (venous ulcer, lower leg)

BAP-MedicalDiabetic foot

BAP-MedicalDecubitus ulcer (pressure or bedsores)

BAP-MedicalSkin graft donor sites

BAP-MedicalWounds from malignant tumours

BAP-MedicalSurgical wounds

BAP-MedicalModerate to heavily-exuding wounds.