About BAP Medical

At BAP Medical, we are engaged in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of medical devices. We provide our healthcare products to patients and medical professionals around the world.

  • Dutch company, founded in 2006

  • Science-backed & Evidence-based

  • For patients and medical professionals

Our brands

Our brands play a significant role in addressing a diverse range of health issues, categorized into the following areas:

  • Post-burn and scar care
  • Dermatology and allergology
  • Medical skin care
  • Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)
  • Wound care
  • Instruments and disposables for medical procedures in clinics and operating rooms

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The BAP Medical Story

BAP Medical was established in 2006 by Dutch entrepreneur Rob Hollweg. It didn’t take long before substantial investments were channeled into pioneering products. These products were developed in close partnership with a range of healthcare specialists, drawing upon insights from clinical studies and patient experiences derived from a variety of case studies. The company quickly experienced substantial growth, both locally and internationally.

BAP Medical at Medica 2023


One of the initial brands that marked the inception of our journey is ALHYDRAN, a medical cream designed for repairing compromised skin barriers. Developed in collaboration with the University of Ghent (BE), this product has evolved into a trusted brand, widely recognized and used in burn centres and hospitals across Europe and beyond.

ALHYDRAN is frequently employed to diminish the appearance and alleviate the symptoms of scars and burns. Now, specialized variations are available for conditions such as eczema, itching, severe dry skin, and for post-professional skin treatments. ALHYDRAN is routinely used by skincare professionals due to its scientific basis and proven results in practice.

ALHYDRAN Medical Hydrating Cream


Another success story within our portfolio is Scarban. This medical silicone brand plays a crucial role in both preventing and reducing hypertrophic and keloid scars.

The use of medical silicone for scar treatment is a scientifically-backed therapy with a solid foundation. Skin care professionals often prioritize silicone products like Scarban in the treatment of atypical scars.

Scarban offers a range of rectangular sheets plus specialist shapes and pieces to cover difficult to treat areas of the body such as hands and faces.

Scarban C-Section 540x360px

Acquisition of Dos Medical

In 2020, BAP Medical made a significant move forward by acquiring DOS Medical. This strategic acquisition extended BAP Medical’s product portfolio beyond skincare products, encompassing ENT and allergy solutions.

DOS Medical had already built a reputable presence in the Benelux region. With the backing of BAP Medical’s extensive network, refreshed packaging, and enhanced marketing materials, this established position has now been extended to other countries.

Following this expansion, the NasoFree nasal irrigation system, in particular, has witnessed substantial growth. NasoFree effectively clears the nasal passages using a combination of saline solutions. This nasal irrigation method plays a crucial role in alleviating and preventing nasal discomfort, including nasal congestion and allergic symptoms like hay fever. NasoFree assists in the removal of trapped mucus and crusts, promoting improved and easier breathing.

NasoFree 540x360px

The BAP Medical Group

BAP Medical operates from a strong position. We maintain sales organizations in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, and have a global reach through an extensive network of distributors. Our activities extend to over 70 export countries, with a particular emphasis on Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

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Our headquarters are based in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. We also house our primary distribution centre at this location. It serves as the central hub from which the majority of our products are directly dispatched to individuals, hospitals, pharmacies, care centres, and clinics. Moreover, our brands are shipped to our export markets from Apeldoorn.


Our exclusive facility for research, development, and production is situated in Aalter, Belgium. For over two decades, ScarPro has been a specialist in the production of medical silicone products for both scar prevention and treatment.

In this facility, ScarPro manufactures a wide range of silicone sheets and liquids under our own brand, for private label use, as well as for third-party applications.

Our Mission and Ambition

At BAP Medical, our goal is to provide patients worldwide with access to the finest tools for the treatment of their medical conditions. We achieve this by continually applying the latest knowledge and insights, which we refer to as our ‘Best Available Practices.’

This ensures that the effectiveness of our products is scientifically validated through research and further supported by clinical studies and case analyses.

We develop these best practices through close collaboration with an extensive network of partners, including physicians, patient organizations, medical specialists in clinics, burn centers, expert centers, medical researchers, and our export partners. Furthermore, we highly value the feedback that patients share about their experiences.

BAP Medical is ISO-13485 certified by KIWA / CERMET and complies with international quality and safety standards. We are proud to meet the highest quality standards.

Our Vision for the Future

Our objective is to make our medical solutions accessible to a global audience. Presently, our brands are accessible in over 70 countries, and we aspire to broaden this global presence even further.

Social Responsibility

At BAP Medical, we are dedicated to exemplifying our social responsibility. A few noteworthy examples include:

  • A donation campaign to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Dutch Burns Foundation
  • The donation of ALHYDRAN tubes to hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis
  • On behalf of ALHYDRAN, we orchestrated a sponsorship event for the Red Cross in Vietnam. Red Cross aid workers, in collaboration with doctors and dermatologists, embarked on journeys into the mountains to provide vital medical aid to residents in need.

Furthermore, we extend our support to local associations, institutions, and charitable organizations to help them realize their objectives, including various sponsorship initiatives.

Each year, BAP Medical remains dedicated to contributing to diverse social initiatives

Company Culture

At BAP Medical we nurture an informal company culture distinguished by a flat organizational structure. Our goal is to cultivate an accessible environment where open communication, collaboration, and direct engagement are paramount. This enables us to respond promptly and adapt readily, while encouraging our colleagues to freely share their ideas. This, in turn, contributes to individual development and, ultimately, our collective growth.

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