About BAP Medical

BAP Medical offers the best medical care for skin conditions and ear, nose and throat related problems. We develop, produce and market medical devices for healthcare professionals and consumers.

In cooperation with medical professionals, clinics, research institutes, expertise centers and consumer organizations we focus on the Best Available Practices in the field.

We value scientific proof on the effect of medical devices, and by doing so we focus on Evidence Based Practices. We use case studies and large-scale research into the effect of the composition of the products we market. Scientific and clinical evidence is what BAP Medical strives for.

ISO certified

BAP Medical is ISO 13485 certified by KIWA / CERMET. According to the EU regulation 2017/745 (MDR) on medical devices, most of the BAP Medical products are classified as medical device class I.

BAP Medical Product Areas

  • Scar treatment
  • Skincare products
  • Wound care
  • Allergy products
  • Nasal complaints
  • Instruments & disposables
  • Natural honey

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Our mission

Our mission is to develop, produce and market ‘Best Available Practices’ which meet the needs of both healthcare professionals and endconsumers with a ‘skin in distress’ or a ear, nose and throat related problem.

We ensure that our products have added value to customers. Whether it’s a patient, a prescriber or pharmacy.

Our vision

We strive for relevant and innovative products for clinics, patients worldwide. The effect of our products is supported by scientific knowledge, that arises from case studies, clinical studies and large-scale scientific research

  • For a ‘skin in distress’

  • The effectiveness is scientifically proven

  • Added value to both patients and doctors

The solutions from BAP Medical