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The NasoFree nasal irrigator in combination with nasal saline solution are suitable for cleaning the nose and nasal sinuses. For example, to flush excessive mucus, viruses, bacteria, dust or allergens from the nose.

Benefits of rinsing the nose

  • Mucus becomes less tough and scabs soften
  • Breathe more freely
  • Experience less complaints due to your allergy
  • Notice an immediate difference
  • Reduce the chance of an infection (bacteria are flushed away)

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NasoFree nasal irrigator

NasoFree nasal irrigator

The NasoFree nasal irrigator owes its effectiveness to its volume and slightly positive pressure. The saline solution is pushed through the squeeze bottle from bottom to top. This allows you to clean both the nose and nasal sinuses. In addition, the nasal irrigator is easy to use and simple to clean.

NasoFree can be used for:

  • Sinusitis (= rhinosinusitis)
  • Allergy (like hay fever, house dust mites or animal dander)
  • After surgery on the nose
  • Viral infections such as colds and flu
  • To reduce snoring (if snoring is caused by swollen nasal mucosa)

Why use nasal saline solution for nose rinsing?

ENT doctors prefer nasal saline solution for nose rinsing. This has been specially developed for cleaning the sinuses. This is because using only water or a solution with table salt can be painful and can irritate the nasal mucosa.

DOS Medical nasal saline solution provides an effective and mild cleaning of the sensitive nasal mucosa. It cleans the nose and paranasal sinuses and is easy and hygienic to use.

dos medical rinse salt

NasoFree nasal saline solution

NasoFree nasal saline solution consists of a combination of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. One sachet contains the correct amount for one 250 ml rinse (isotonic solution). The solution effectively cleanses and is gentle on the sensitive nasal mucosa.

DOS Medical nasal saline solution is intended for rinsing or nebulizing the nose and paranasal sinuses and has been formulated in collaboration with ENT doctors.

rinse salt with xylitol

NasoFree nasal saline solution with xylitol

NasoFree nasal saline solution with xylitol and a hint of mint have been developed especially for people with chronic nasal sinusitis. Bacteria often play a role in (chronic) nasal sinusitis. These produce a layer of mucus (biofilm) to protect themselves.

Scientific research has shown that xylitol breaks down this protective mucus layer around the bacteria. This helps to control (chronic) nasal sinusitis. Antibiotics are of little help, because they cannot reach the biofilm of the bacteria. In this case, only using nasal saline solution with xylitol is effective.


Relief and cleansing that works deeper and longer lasting than anything I used before. Plus faster recovery after colds.


Wonderful, I can breathe freely again. That was not possible for years.

  • Breathe more freely

  • Notice an immediate difference

  • Experience less trouble from your allergy

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