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StimuScent Smell Training

StimuScent® Smell Training is suitable for training sense of smell and the brain to once again (correctly) recognise smells.


  • Stimulates the sense of smell
  • Trains the brain to perceive smells (proparly)
  • Three sets of 12 distinctive scents.

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For (partial) loss of smell

Smell training can help when you can no longer smell (properly). For example, after the corona virus an injury to your head or damage to your olfactory system.


How does it work?

Smell training can be seen as therapy for the nose. The sense of smell is stimulated and the brain is trained to once again (correctly) recognise smells.

In most cases, loss of smell is temporary and it can recover on its own. But it can also be permanent. Smell training can help restore the sense of smell. This is been scientifically proven.

stimuscent set 1

The different sets

Each set contains a scent combination: a floral scent, citrus scent, fresh scent and herb scent. The scents and combinations are not randomly chosen. They are all 12 internationally recognized scents that are distinctive enough. The different sets help to properly train your sense of smell.

  • Set 1: Rose, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Clove
  • Set 2: Jasmine, Mandarin, Mint and Thyme
  • Set 3: Gardenia, Bergamot, Green tea and Rosemary


I am currently about 3 weeks into it and I have to say, it is slowly starting to come back, but very slowly. So I believe this will help me get my smell and taste back. I am already looking forward to the next 2 sets!

  • Stimulates the sense of smell

  • Perceive smells proparly

  • 3 sets of 12 distinctive scents.

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