PneumaSox compression therapy

Compression therapy for treating venous leg ulcers

PneumaSox is a medical device designed for patients who suffer ulcus cruris caused by chronic venous insufficiency. It uses air pressure. After being initially set up by the health care worker, patients can independently use PneumaSox.

  • Wears very comfortably

  • Perfect pressure distribution

  • Avoids repeated bandaging

How does compression therapy work?

Compression therapy is the external application of surface pressure to treat blood or lymph drainage disorders. Applying pressure to a limb, prevents oedema formation, promotes the return of blood through the veins and supports lymphatic drainage.

Traditional Compression (Semi-)Elastic Products

The performance of the most commonly used compression products depends on the elastic properties of the material used. The applied compression is a function of Laplace’s law and depends on the curvature of the leg and the elasticity of the material.

Tension is difficult to control in a fabric, which naturally produces uneven pressure across the surface of the leg – from high pressure at the ankle and shin to no pressure at all on hollow sections, for example, at the Achilles Tendon. Tension, and thus pressure, will furthermore change as oedema decreases.

Air Pressure

PneumaSox uses a pressure sensor to provide precise, optimal air pressure, evenly distributed over the leg.

Pressure applied to the leg prevents oedema formation, promotes venous return, and supports lymphatic drainage.

As the compression in PneumaSox isn’t contingent on the leg’s shape, it presents an optimal treatment solution for venous leg ulcers (also in the malleolus area).

Benefits of air pressure compared to bandaging

  • Compression remains consistent across all areas, regardless of body shape.
  • Pressure distribution is accurately determined by a calibrated sensor.
  • Evenly distributed pressure without pressure points ensures comfort during wear.
  • Pressure can be easily adjusted as oedema decreases.
  • PneumaSox is reusable, hard-wearing, and machine washable.
  • Both health care workers and patients effortlessly manage the system independently.
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How to use PneumaSox

PneumaSox features an inflatable cuff, which is pressurized using a pump. The built-in sensor in the pump presets and accurately measures the pressure. As a result, the device delivers an evenly consistent compression on the lower leg.

Setting by the health care worker

The health care worker presets the preferred pressure by holding down the button on the pressure sensor until the lights begin to blink. Pressure is adjustable in increments of 10 mmHg, up to 100 mmHg.

Benefits for health care workers

  • Applying PneumaSox requires no skill or strength.
  • Saves care time and cost as specific bandaging skill (and dressing changes) are not required
  • Using PneumaSox for 6 weeks saves around 15 bandages*.
  • This contributes to minimal waste generation, thereby reducing environmental impact.

* Compression therapy saves about 15 2-layer bandages or 40 short-stretch bandages.

Daily use by the patient

The patient uses PneumaSox independently by following the provided steps.

  1. Press the button to switch on the sensor.
  2. Two green lights start flashing.
  3. As the patient gradually increases the pressure using the hand pump, the lights flash faster.
  4. When the set pressure is reached, they remain lit.
  5. After wearing it for the first time, pressure can easily be checked and adjusted while wearing PneumaSox. Two red lights signify that pressure is too high.

Benefits for patients

  • The patient can effortlessly adjust the pressure.
  • Evenly distributed pressure without pressure points, contributes to a high level of wearing comfort.
  • Can be worn with shoes.
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