NoseWings are magnetic nasal dilators used to improve nasal breathing. They are developed by ENT-doctor Robert André. One of the main benefits of NoseWings is that it improves quality of sleep for people that suffer from a congested nose at night.

  • Improved nasal breathing

  • Can reduce snoring

  • Superior comfort

Magnetic nasal dilators

NoseWings are nasal dilators that make use of the force of strong permanent magnets. While wearing NoseWings, magnetic repulsion will widen the nose. This provides plenty of advantages.

Advantages of wearing NoseWings

  • Improved nasal breathing
  • Improved breathing through the nose during sleep (when suffering from a blocked nose)
  • Improved breathing through the nose during yoga and sports
  • Can reduce snoring that is caused by a blocked nose

Key features of NoseWings

  • Consistent effectiveness
  • Long-term reusability
  • Superior comfort
  • Suitable for long periods of wear

Consistent effectiveness and long-term reusability

NoseWings stay effective for a long period of time, because they contain strong permanent magnets. The permanent magnets offer consistent effectiveness. This way, the widening of the nostrils stays the same for a long time. NoseWings can be used long-term when used and cared for properly.

Superior comfort for long periods of wear

The magnets and metal are covered with a medical-grade polymer (smooth and non-irritant) for superior comfort. The NoseWings are shaped to fit most people and can be widened and narrowed to make them even more comfortable. They are also comfortable for long periods of wear, because the NoseWings are worn on the nostrils. They do not touch the sensitive nasal septum.

Instructions for use

  • Position the right and left NoseWing on the respective nostril, with the magnets on the inside.
  • When you let go of the NoseWings, they should stay in place.
  • Are they too tight or too loose? Take it out, widen or narrow it and place it again. Repeat until they feel comfortable.
  • When the NoseWings are placed properly, you should notice a widening of your nasal airways and ease in nasal breathing.

You can adjust the placement of the NoseWings based on the shape and size of your nose. For most people, the optimal position of the NoseWings is more towards the cheeks instead of near the tip of your nose.

Product specifications

  • There is a right and left NoseWing
  • NoseWings come in a specially designed container
  • The magnets and metal are covered by medical-grade polymer
  • The packaging includes instructions for use

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