EVE-Protect is a silicone bandage developed for the EVEBRA. The ring-shaped silicone sheet protects the skin when using the vacuum pump. The EVEBRA is used to realise a breast reconstruction or enlargement with fat transplantation (lipofilling). EVE-Protect helps to reduce and limit irritation of the skin and complaints such as redness and blistering.

  • Suitable for use with EVEBRA cups

  • Helps reduce skin irritations

  • Suitable for long-term use

The Breast Trial

EVE-Protect silicone bandage is part of the Breast Trial for more than two years. This is a trial to test a method for breast reconstruction after a breast amputation due to cancer.

The breast reconstruction is realised by lipofilling. First, fat is removed from a part of the body. Then, this fat is injected into the breast. To create space for this fat and to stimulate the construction of blood vessels, patients wear the EVEBRA. This is a vacuum pump which stretches the skin to create space for the fat cells.

EVE-Protect product 540×360

Function of EVE-Protect

EVE-Protect is developed to protect the skin while wearing the EVEBRA. You apply the silicone rings on the skin where the EVEBRA cups will be placed. The cups perfectly fit on top of the silicone bandages.

The silicone bandage improves comfort during wear, which makes it easier for patients to follow through with the therapy.

The improvement in comfort is due to the function and characteristics of the silicone sheets. The medical silicone in the sheets forms an occlusive layer on the skin, which improves the hydration of the skin.

EVE-Protect brand 540×360

Characteristics of EVE-Protect

EVE-Protect is a silicone bandage. It helps reduce irritation of the skin and complaints of redness and blisters caused by wearing the EVEBRA.

Characteristics of the EVE-Protect silicone bandage:

  • Protects the skin
  • Reduces redness, irritation and blisters
  • Self-adhesive
  • Medical silicone
  • Washable with the included cleaning soap
  • Suitable for long-term use

Application of EVE-Protect

EVE-Protect is only suitable for use with the EVEBRA. It is not advised to apply the silicone sheet on wounds or scabs (which may be caused by lipofilling injections).

How to apply EVE-Protect:
● Remove any hairs and clean the skin
● Remove the protective film from the bandage
● Apply the silicone rings on the place for the EVEBRA cups
● After you removed the silicone sheets, you can care for the skin with a hydrating cream

The silicone sheet should be cleaned daily to retain its self-adhesive properties. Clean the silicone bandage with the included soap, according to the instructions for use.

Each pack contains one silicone sheet. If you use and care for the product correctly, one pack can be used for two periods of treatment, each lasting two weeks. So, it is possible you will need more than one pack during the whole treatment period.

Distribution by Aleamed

BAP Medical is the brand owner of EVE-Protect. Aleamed is the exclusive distributor of this product for Europe.