DOS Medical

Dos Medical is part of BAP Medical. DOS Medical offers a wide range of medical and skin care products in the fields of ENT-ophthalmology, allergology and dermatology.

Dermel brand 1000×500


Soothing skin ointment based on pure honey. This skin ointment is used to treat superficial wounds.

Anamel brand 1000×500


Soothing ointment based on pure honey, used to treat superficial wounds around the buttocks and anal discomfort.

Nasumel brand 1000×500


Protective and soothing nasal ointment based on pure honey, used to treat superficial wounds in the nose.

Rhinoblock brand 1000×500


Protective nasal ointment based on pure petroleum jelly and honey, used for reduction in allergy complaints.

Nasofree brand 1000×500


Nasal irrigator in combination with nasal rinse salt, suitable for cleaning the nose and nasal sinuses.

Stimuscent brand 1000×500


Smell training for stimulating the olfactory sense and the brain to once again (correctly) recognise smells.

OhroMel 1000×500


OhroMel ear drops reduce irritation of the skin inside the external ear canal. It relieves itching and supports the recovery of the skin barrier.

NoseWings 1000×500


Magnetic nasal dilators used to improve nasal breathing. It improves quality of sleep for people that suffer from a congested nose at night.

Single-use instruments

Under the brand name DOS Medical, we have a variety of high quality single-use instruments. These instruments are used in the fields of ENT and dermatology. We have different models and sizes available and variants for sterile or non-sterile environments.

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