BAP Medical BV: Medical care for the skin

BAP Medical provides solutions for skin ‘in distress’. Since 2006 BAP Medical has provided products for the aftercare of specific skin problems:

BAP-MedicalAftercare for burns

BAP-MedicalScar formation on deep wounds

BAP-MedicalAftercare following radiation therapy

BAP-MedicalSkin complaints caused by eczema and other chronic skin disorders

BAP-MedicalHouse dust mite allergy complaints


Scientifically proven effectiveness

Our products are developed in conjunction with patients and with those providing treatment. In doing so, we set ourselves 2 strict requirements:

BAP-MedicalOur products must be truly effective.

BAP-MedicalOur products’ effectiveness must be scientifically proven.

In short, we believe that our products must deliver added value – to both patients and doctors. Which is why BAP stands for the ‘Best Available Practices’ (in healthcare).


Active worldwide

Our products are distributed in more than 40 countries around the world, with those in Europe, the Middle East and Asia being our biggest customers. Our ambition is unrelenting and we continue to work hard to extend our international export network.

We have our own sales organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our head office is located in Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands.

Contact us for specific information on the countries in which we operate and products available per country.

BAP Medical is ISO 13485 certified by KIWA / CERMET. According to the European directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices, the products of BAP Medical are classified as medical device class I.


Our mission is to develop, produce and market ‘Best Available Practices’ which meet the needs of our markets, both at home (in the Benelux) and worldwide. Our market is defined as people with ‘skin in distress’.

We strive to ensure that our products will always deliver added value to our clients. Whether these are patients, prescribers or pharmacies – and wherever they are in the world.


We strive to produce relevant and innovative products for patients with special skin care needs (‘skin in distress’) on a global basis. The effectiveness of our products is scientifically proven.