ALHYDRAN Medical cream

ALHYDRAN Scar Cream penetrates deeply into the skin and restores from within.

High-quality ingredients, such as fresh Aloe Vera gel, ensure long-lasting moisture regulation and skin hydration. Skin complaints diminish and scars are prevented or reduced with ALHYDRAN.

ALHYDRAN’s effectiveness is scientifically proven. Our scar cream is widely used in burn centres and hospitals.



BAP-MedicalScars are prevented, fade or disappear

BAP-MedicalReduced discomfort from itching, pain and redness

BAP-MedicalSofter, more flexible skin

ALHYDRAN scar cream

ALHYDRAN 30 ml for small patches on the skin or as a spare tube for on the go.

scar cream ALHYDRAN

ALHYDRAN 100ml for medium to large skin areas.

ALHYDRAN scar cream

ALHYDRAN 250ml for treating large to very large skin areas.

scarcream ALHYDRAN

ALHYDRAN SPF30, 59ml is a cream with high SPF 30 UV protection.