New: NoseWings magnetic nasal dilators

We would like to introduce one of our new products. NoseWings are magnetic nasal dilators that improve breathing through the nose. They are developed by ENT-doctor Robert André. One of the main benefits of NoseWings is that it improves quality of sleep for people that suffer from a congested nose at night.

For improved breathing through the nose

NoseWings are nasal dilators that make use of the force of strong permanent magnets. While wearing NoseWings, magnetic repulsion will widen the nose.


  • Improve nasal breathing
  • Improve breathing through the nose during yoga and sports
  • Improve breathing through the nose during sleep
  • Can reduce snoring that is caused by a blocked nose

The advantages of NoseWings

The advantages of NoseWings over other nasal dilators are that they are comfortable and last for a long time. NoseWings are comfortable to wear for a longer period of time, because of the materials that they are made from. Additionally, due to the permanent magnets in the NoseWings, they provide consistent effectiveness and long-term reusability.

Do you have any questions about NoseWings? Please do not hesitate to contact us.