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New: Scarban C-Section

A scar after a caesarean section is unavoidable. However, scarring is often a major concern for women who have undergone, or will shortly have to undergo, a caesarean section. This is a logical concern, as it is impossible to predict how the scar will develop.

In order to reduce or prevent abnormal scarring after a caesarean section, we introduce Scarban C-Section: a specially pre-shaped silicone sheet.

By prescribing Scarban C-Section you can provide your patient with optimal and effective scar aftercare. Initiate use after complete wound closure and the patient can then use the Scarban C-Section independently.

Scarban silicone sheets:

  • Actively reduce scars
  • Are effective on both new and old scars (hypertrophic / keloid)
  • Are evidence based

Scarban C-Section Recovery Kit

Scarban C-Section silicone sheets are supplied in a handy C-Section Recovery Kit, so that your patient can perform the scar treatment independently.

The Scarban C-section Recovery Kit contains a scarban C-Section silicone sheet, mild cleaning & maintenance soap and an information leaflet with instructions for use.

Scarban silicone scar therapy

The International Scar Management guidelines are very clear: Start preventive treatment as soon as possible if scar development is abnormal or if the patient is concerned, using silicone therapy.

Scars become significantly thinner, less red and more flexible with Scarban. Which is why more and more professionals worldwide are opting for Scarban silicone sheets.

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