New: The Scar Guide

After being successfully introduced in the BeNeLux, we would like to introduce our brand new marketing tool worldwide: The Scar Guide!

The Scar Guide is created in collaboration with various centers of expertise (e.g. hospitals, burn centers, scar expertise centers) and provides patients:

  • Evidence-based information about scar care
  • Practical tips and tricks to support scar management
  • Helps to prevent and treat scar problems

Want to see a preview? Please contact us!

The Scar Guide

The guide is specially developed to support patients with self-knowledge and selfcare in scar management. Also, it is a perfect marketing tool to help promote your BAP Medical products. With the Scar Guide, you can differentiate your offering from competitors!

After introducing the Scar Guide to the market in The Netherlands:

  • +500 online requests in the first month alone
  • 13% more visitors on our product websites
  • Reviewed with 4,5 stars and recommended by health care professionals


Want to customize the Scar Guide with your company logo, company details, website advertisement, and some other personalized features? Please contact your Export Manager with your requests for customizations.