Products with pure honey

Our products are based on pure honey and are scientifically based. They soothe and help to heal the skin, while providing antibacterial protection.

Pure honey helps heal superficial wounds

This is due to the natural ingredients in pure honey. Pure honey helps heal superficial wounds. This is partly due to its low pH (acid level) and high sugar content. Our honey products contain no antibiotics or hormones (corticosteroids) and are suitable for long-term use.

Low pH combined with a high sugar content causes a layer of honey to form over the wound. This layer prevents bacteria from entering the wound (provides antibacterial protection). The high sugar content draws fluid from the underlying tissue to the wound. This creates a moist wound environment and allows the wound to heal faster.

The pure honey is harvested from vital bee colonies, which collect nectar from specific flowers suitable for our products.

Dermel brand 1000×500


Skin ointment to treat superficial wounds. It contains no hormones (corticosteroids) and is suitable for all ages and long-term use.

Anamel brand 1000×500


Skin ointment to treat superficial wounds around the buttocks and anal discomfort. Suitable for all ages and long-term use.

Nasumel brand 1000×500


Protective and soothing nasal ointment, used to treat superficial wounds in the nose. It promotes soothing and healing.

Rhinoblock brand 1000×500


Protective nasal ointment based on pure petroleum jelly and honey, used for reduction in allergy complaints.