​​SKIN SUPPLEMENTS Brand Materials

​​We have created a showcase with available brand & promotion materials for BAP Medical SKIN SUPPLEMENTS.
​​Documents included in this showcase are in English. Most files are low resolution PDF’s. These files can be used for company presentations and preview purposes.
​​They are not suitable for printing or editing. If you would like to receive ‘high resolution files’ for printing or ‘open files’ to create a translation, please e-mail marketing@bap-medical.com or your BAP Medical contact.


Our video’s are available on YouTube:
​​Skin Supplements YouTube channel
​​To use the video’s on your website:
​​1. Open the video on YouTube
​​2. Click ‘share’
​​3. Click ‘embed’
​​4. Copy the embed code and paste in on your website
​​Most website Content Management Systems (CMS) show embedded YouTube video’s by default, after adding the embed code. If the video does not work, please contact your website agency.
​​If you would like to receive the video file, please contact us.